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"Sharing with the speed of light" - ZeoSpace

Now and then, it's refreshing to see newcomers in the online storage business. Most of them bring innovative features, with the mindset to steal the spotlight from their fellow competitors. Ask yourselves,though, how many of these options will you actually put in use? Fresh from the cloud storage community, main topic of discussion today will be ZeoSpace! Exceptional or mediocre? Read on to see our full review!

Based in Malta, ZeoSpace is a startup cloud storage provider that offers, if not anything else, up to 21GB of free storage (mostly through referrals) and a few snazzy features. It has a desktop client that creates a virtual drive on your PC and maintains fully-featured Android, iOS, Windows and Mac applications.

Signing up

You have two options on how to sign up to the cloud service: either with your email address and password, or for those of you who don't like to bother – with your existing Facebook account. Upon registration you can immediately start using your profiles, as ZeoSpace doesn't provide verification emails. 

Free space and Knowledge tour

Immediately after you've logged into your ZeoSpace account, you get 1GB of space fully at your disposal. To get an additional 10GB, however, you have to earn them by following the so called "Knowledge tour", which is also the first screen you'll see after opening the web application. If you're not sure why it is like that, try to think of it as a smart verification approach and a way for ZeoSpace to improve your cloud experience. This said, so far I've mentioned 11GB. You can get the last 10GB by simply inviting your friends. This will benefit both sides, as for every friend, which has joined ZeoSpace on your behalf, both of you will receive 500MB.

"Sharing files at the speed of light"

Judging from ZeoSpace's motto, everyone can take the hint that this is the sole feature that's being aggressively promoted. They even have a sample version for non-registered users to try at their commercial website. Trully, ZeoSpace offers a variety of standard file sharing options as well as some that we wouldn't have thought about.

1)File/Folder sharing – This can be counted as the more standard method of sharing. A download link with an open file preview will be generated, which you can share to a wide variety of social networks, through email or simply by copying the link.

2)Screenshot sharing – I'm sure most of you wouldn't have even imagined that something like that can even be in a cloud storage provider. With ZeoSpace, you have the ability to create custom snapshots, edit them to your liking and share them with a link, or save them for later.

3) Public and Private shares – If you want to level up the security of your file shares, you can go to "Settings" and turn on the secure share link option. Although no specific information is given from ZeoSpace on how it actually works, their commercial website assures all file transfers are subject to 256-bit SSL encryption.

4)No file size limit shares – This feature is only available for ZeoSpace's desktop application. The storage provider's web version limits to a maximum of 400MB per file for sharing and uploading.

5)Sharing without registration – The company gives a taste on how fast and smooth sharing is with ZeoSpace, with a lite version of the "Share" option, it bases its cloud service on. Although it is limitted to only 200MB maximum size per single file, it runs just as strikingly good as the actual service.

Desktop client

ZeoSpace has a desktop client available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, which creates a virtual drive on your PC.It becomes part of the whole system and has access to your file information. You can use the application from the ZeoSpace icon on your desktop, main menu and system tray. All the features, the storage provider offers, are easily accessible. Great advantage is the fact, that you have no file size limit here, which means that files larger than 1GB can be easily uploaded, backed up and synchronized.


All the information you backup to your ZeoSpace cloud is stored in Amazon S3 servers and a 256-bit SSL encryption takes place for file sharing as I outlined before. However, I would think twice on how secure the provider is in reality, when in the mean time it allows you to sign up with a third party service.

If sharing and backing up, in their basic sense, are ZeoSpace's purpose on the cloud storage market, then I can react positively to the service's arrival. Sharing runs insanely fast and smooth, living up to the provider's motto, and users get a decent amount of free cloud storage at the palm of their hand. In fact, though, most users aren't so single-minded. No registration needed to open download links, cool as it is, is already available with other competing services. Screenshot sharing is an interesting idea for a feature, although I don't see any actual reason to sign up only for that. Created for the sake of convenience, logging from a third party platform can at a latter point, raise security concerns and minor bugs occur when sharing files, like the inability to delete a shared link performing certain actions. ZeoSpace can be useful and I'm up for the whole idea.

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