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Tresorit - fresh design and limitations

Today, I want to bring your attention to yet another player in the cloud storage market – Tresorit. The service's main forte is the secure sharing and backup of your files. It offers 5GB of initial free storage and some cool features to go with it. Using it is also remarkably easy and if you're willing to read on, you will find out how!

For those of you, who aren't familiar with the service, Tresorit offers a free version with 5GB of initial free storage having the option to increase it up to 16GB through a referral system. The storage provider also gives you the chance to sync and work with your files through any mobile device as it supports full featured Android, iOS and Windows phone applications and a document editor.

To start off using Tresorit, you have to, first, download the service from the site. Side not here, keep in mind that, for security reasons, the cloud storage provider won't backup your password, so be extra careful not to forget it as there is no way to recover it. Moving on, Tresorit will create a virtual drive on your computer, where all the data you've stored will be backed up and encrypted. After installing it, a white window will appear with a form (like the one below) asking you to either register or log into your account.

After you've signed up to your profile, Tresorit's main window will appear. The storage provider is one of the few, which I dare say has a fantastic design. It has that fresh and easy-to-work-with vibe going on all over it.

I can't say that about its other features, though.To upload your data, you just have to drag and drop the folder you want to backup. Yes, you've read it right, Tresorit only allows for folders to be uploaded. If you have files you want to store, you have to create a new tresor beforehand and you can have as much as 5 with the free version of the service.

Sharing you information with Tresorit is considerably easy. You can generate download links and set types of access, depending on what you want to send to your friends and colleagues. To share a file from Tresorit, you can either right-click and choose "Get encypted link", which will be copied to your clipboard, or drag and drop it to the to the "Encrypted links" directory.

Sending tresors is also no rocket science. By clicking on the "Share" button, located to the right of the folder, a new window will appear allowing you to invite your friends and colleagues to your chosen folder. Type the recipient's email address, add it and set type of access, that's all there is to it. They will receive an email with an invitation to the service and, of course, the folder you're sharing.

Tresorit also has the option to sync your information across different devices. With the free version, you can only sync with up to 3 devices. It's not the fastest out there, but since the provider has offered it, you can might as well use it.

All in all, Tresorit is a really pleasant service to work with. It delivers an intuitive design and useful features. Although they are limited to a whole lot with the free version, you can always upgrade your profile to one of the service's premium packages.

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  1. Be very careful with Tresorit. After downgrading I was charged again, they answered I´d have my money back but they charged again the next month with a plan that I didn´t have ask for. After many mails to the support service.... no answer. Be very careful with them if you don´t want to be tricked.

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