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UCloud – that's the cloud for U ?!

This cloud service is developed by UCWeb Inc. and is designed especially for its web browser. To see how UCloud can be of use to you, read on the full review!

If you write down "UCloud" in Google, I'm sure most of you will be confused with the results. Don't worry, it's understandable. I was too, but it turns out there is another Korean cloud service on the market with the same name. The one I'm talking about today, however, is the Swedish storage provider.

UCloud can be integrated into your UC Browser (if you have that, of course) or can be used independently. Of course, if you download both applications you will get much more usability as more more features will be unlocked.

Using UCloud with UC browser:

Combined with the UC browser, the cloud storage service offers options that include:

1) monitoring the safety of websites
2) monitoring safe downloads
3) cloud acceleration
4) direct file downloads to your UCloud
5) bookmark and tabs sync

Using UCloud independently:

Using the service alone wasn't appealing enough for me. Upon registration you get 2GB of permanent free space and 4GB of temporary storage. After you have verified your account in a 48 hour time limit, you will be able to fully use it and by by that I mean backing up. Sadly Ucloud alone becomes almost useless. Upload speed was poor, I couldn't multiselect files or even share them.

In the end, this is a cloud service I'm definitely not going to use in the future or in the rare cases – use it with the UC browser. However, if you're looking for a browser with cloud integration UCWeb Inc. technically provides one.

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