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AHassle with ADrive

From 1 to 10, how much would you like to use this cloud? Find your answers in the full review!

In general, ADrive offers 3 plans – Personal Basic, Personal Premium and Business for, naturally, different purposes. Currently, though, after the change of their pricing policy, the only "free" thing you can get from them is the 60-day trial Personal Premium plan that offers 100GB and additional features. That is why, pour le meilleur et pour le pire, premium review it is!

Signing up

Unlike most cloud storage services, ADrive requires a bit more information and confirmation to let you register. Apart from an active email address and a secure password, you'll have to include your and your company's names. Finishing that, you will have to answer 2 security question for future authentication (never be too careful, they say). After 2 months of testing your premium account, you will be able to either downgrade it or start paying for it. For me, withal, signing up was a hassle. Although premium accounts offer much more to the user, I would like to keep my freedom when choosing a plan, even if I am promised less.

Uploading issues

ADrive has a basic and a bit old-fashioned interface, which on first glance, you won't have any problem using. You can upload files, folders or remotely upload data to your cloud. Although saving files and links for later works surprisingly fast and well, I can't say that for the third upload option. If you want to upload whole folders at once, you will have to charge yourself up with patience and the newest version of Java. Otherwise, don't count on it!


There is nothing unusual about ADrive's sharing abilities, despite being inconvenient. You can share both files and folders with public download links and provided you're picky: you can set share expiration dates and password protection. To share a piece of information, you will have to first mark it once and choose "Share" from the "File actions" list. In a short while, your download link will be created. To access it, however, you will have to mark the same file once again and select "View public link". ADrive doesn't provide social media means of sharing, so the only way to distribute your link would be by copying it personally or sending it as an email.

Zoho file editing

One of ADrive's positive sides is the ability to edit documents with the help of Zoho – a privately held CRM software the cloud service has partnered up with. To access this function you will have to mark the document you want to change and click on "Edit with Zoho" from the "File actions" section. Just note that whenever you want to enable it, your document will open in a new window. Browsers will tend to block this window, picking it up as a pop-up advertisement. This said, you will have to play a little bit with your browser settings.


ADrive is not the safest cloud to join, as SSL file encryption only comes with paid accounts. I don't think this feature should be apparent only when purchased, because other similar services give out better file protection for free.

Overall, I'm not happy with this service. First of all, the official website is misleading. The premium account I supposedly signed up for didn't really contain all the listed features. Secondly, even though the design is straightforward, the outdated feel I got from it downgraded my experience. The only thing that can't decline (in a period of 2 months) is the plan I wasn't given the freedom to choose. Although the service has some nice features like the fast upload speed and document editing, I can't say I'd recommend ADrive to anyone.

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