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All your photos in them Trunx! [TRUNX APP REVIEW]

Following from last week's photo backup edition, today Trunx takes the lead!

Trunx is a cloud-based photo organizer that lets you keep all your visual media in one place, and maybe a little more. The application has a sleek interface and offers unlimited cloud storage till the end of the year for all new users.

Setting up your account

You can join the service with your Facebook and Google+ profile or create a dedicated account (which I personally recommend because of security issues). Type in your email address and a password and immediately after that, you will be able to start fully using the applications's functions.

Social media backups

Trunx allows you to backup your photos from Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. In fact, you will have the opportunity to enable this function in the beginning or provided you're hesitating – you can always access the function from the “Synced accounts” section in the navigation bar. 


Remember when I said “and more”? This is what I'm talking about: pictures with sound. No, not videos, it's precisely as I said. Apart from the regular options to backup your photos and videos ( with the unfortunate length of 30 sec max.) directly to the service, you can take a series of photos while recording the sound in the meanwhile. Honestly, I don't really get the purpose of this feature, but hey, it's there so you can have some fun and take some hilarious EchoPix while you're at it.

Gallery sharing

Although Trunx dubs this option as “SharedPix” it is no different from the regular sharing process most cloud storage services offer. To create a shared gallery, firstly, you have to tap on the section (or the bottom right icon). Select the plus button and choose the photos you want to include and the rest is history. Note here, that, for friends and family to be able to view your files, they will have to have an account (or be lazy and join the service through Facebook or Google+, which, again, I don't recommend).


And this is where the “fun” starts. The company claims the right to be able to view your content for various reasons and the level of file encryption – SSL v3 doesn't really cut it out for me.


I'll be honest, I tried hard to find flaws in this service and apart from their privacy policy, there's nothing really out there that can downgrade your experience. Feel free to try the service, just for the fun of the EchoPix feature but be careful about the content you store. Trunx doesn't provide the level of encryption that will make you feel secure and has the authority to view your files.

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