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Bitcasa - keeping your files safe

What I like most about the cloud platforms is that they all offer a similar service, but with a twist. The approach of Bitcasa is particularly interesting.
Shortly, this is your external hard drive in the cloud. This file storage system allows you to drag and drop files and folders just like any external hard drive. The documents you've placed on this virtual drive won't take space on your computer and will be accessible from any other devices you use. This magic happens when you install a desktop application that starts downloading automatically at sign up.
When I started installing the app, I was puzzled by the multiple instructions that come with it. The process looked quite clumsy at first, but later everything turned quite nicely. The system installs a virtual drive on your desktop computer. This virtual drive effortlessly backups and mirrors your files and you can access them from all your computers and mobile devices, anytime.

Via the virtual drive you can access all your files, anywhere. You can also listen to your music, watch videos, view photos and documents. The platform allows you to share files and folders instantly with other users. It provides secure cloud storage by encrypting your files before they are even uploaded. This way you can safely backup all your digital belongings and access them via Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as any mobile device. You can access your files even offline.
Unlike other similar file sharing services, Bitcasa allows you to view or stream any type of file without additional software required.
The Bitcasa virtual drive works and looks just like any standard hard drive, except it does not run out of space! (This is in case you've ordered a paid version). All you need to do is simply drag and drop files to your Bitcasa drive. Practically, Bitcasa helps you save valuable space on your non-virtual drives, which is especially helpful for mobiles. 

The Bitcasa platform provides effortless auto-backup. All you need to do is simply right-click on a file or folder on your computer and select Mirror to perform an automatic backup to Bitcasa.

The cloud storage system automatically backups your files even on mobile. You just need to download and install the Bitcasa application for iPad, iPhone or Android.
You can also download a plug-in for Chrome. This way you can save files you find on the web directly to your Bitcasa drive. Plug-ins for other browsers are still in a process of development.

Bitcasa offers the following user plans:

Free – Up to 20 GB storage space
Premium – 1 TB storage space – 10$/month – Up to 5 devices
Pro – 5 TB storage space – 49$/month – Up to 5 devices
Infinite – Unlimited storage space – 99$/month – Up to 5 devices

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