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Store, Protect and Share Amazing Things with Copy

copy cloud storage

Copy is an advanced cloud storage platform that helps you store, synchronize and protect the important documents and files residing on your computer or mobile device. It provides a well managed and secure cloud environment that encrypts and protects your vulnerable data. Regardless of the fact that it is a relatively new service, Copy has managed to achieve levels of service providing, equal or surpassing some of the oldest and most commonly used online cloud storage services.

The web platform is quite intuitive and neat looking. No extra menus, no additional annoying services. The page is not crowded with ads and information and it is very easy to navigate.

At sign up it provides you with an option to copy your files from your current cloud provider to the Copy service. This is a rather usable feature if you are not happy with your current file sharing provider and you are willing to change it. This option saves you the time to download and upload again your valuable files and folders from another cloud to the Copy. It automatically connects to the cloud platform you have been using and copies your files, stored at the other cloud, after requiring your authorization.

online cloud storage

Of course, you can skip this step and use Copy as a supplementary data backup service.
When you register an account, you automatically get 15GB storage space for free. The platform also offers a nice referral scheme, through which both the referrer and the referred earn 5 GB bonus free space. What you need to do to get the bonus is to refer to the Copy website through a customized link, posted on your web page or blog.

On your web account you can add or remove third party applications, such as Mover, which is the application that moves your files from your other cloud storage service to the Copy cloud.

The Copy desktop application does not download automatically upon registration, so you can choose whether to download and install it or to skip this step and manually upload files to the cloud. However, if you decide to install the desktop application, it largely eases your work. It automatically creates a folder on your computer, where you can store your valuable files and let them upload and backup to the cloud. However, the upload and synchronization speeds are not particularly high. The service tends to upload smaller files with precedence over the larger ones. This way it looks as if the larger files stay pending for a particular period. You have definitely seen faster cloud upload services. The nice thing is that the files you upload to the web platform from other devices also copy to your desktop folder automatically. This way you can keep all your information in one place and not lose any important files and documents.

With Copy, file sharing is quite simple. You can do that through a customized link, provided through the platform. Simply right-click on the Copy desktop folder on your computer or on a particular file in the folder. A menu appears, offering the following file sharing options:

You can create a link to your files and share the link with other users and friends. This way they can easily view and download your files, even if they do not have a Copy account.

The business users can also benefit from the service, because of the great file sharing features it provides, since in offices and large organizations there is a consistent need of data transition. In the Update Billing Settings section on the Copy website you can upgrade to a paid version of the service. The plans offered start from $10 a month for 250GB and go up.

Users can easily set up public or private partitions in their cloud storage space and share their data with their colleagues, in just one click. There are two ways of sharing files – Public or Private. Public ones can be viewed by anyone, while Private ones require customized link that you have to send to other users in order to allow them to view and download your files.

When you open a link to another Copy account, sent to you from another user, a button appears, saying Copy to Save, next to the Download button. Using this, you can save the file directly to your Copy account – neat and simple. No need to download and upload it, all is done simultaneously.

With Copy, users have the opportunity to synchronize their stored data with all the devices they use in their homes or offices. When you make changes to a file in your Copy folder on your computer, as long as you have an internet connection, the file synchronizes with the one in your web account. No further actions required.

The platform works equally well on Windows, Linux and Mac. In terms of the mobile applications, the app and basic storage amount is free, and Copy works with iPhone, iPad, and Android. As for the Android app, it works with 2.3.3 version or higher.

With Copy, users can always access their data from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Copy lets you access your cloud storage space form your smart phone, anytime, anywhere.

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