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pCloud free cloud storage for your files

pcloud cloud storage

pCloud is a relatively new cloud storage service, which is developing in very impressive speeds. With up to 20GB free storage space, this online cloud platform will be very helpful for your everyday needs. Businesses can benefit from it by upgrading to 100GB, 300GB or 1TB online storage space for any types of documents and files. pCloud is a secure space where you can store all of your audios, photos, videos, etc. and any other valuable digital belongings.

This online storage platform provides you with the opportunity to share and store your files without bothering about any speed or size issues. By storing all your data in the online storage space, you can be sure that it is available on any of your devices, wherever you go, anytime. You can share your photos and videos with anyone, and even play them online without any buffering. The cloud service is available for web and any desktop and mobile devices.

Even if your device gets stolen or lost, your data is safe. You can remotely unlink the device from the service just by changing your account password. This way your personal information will still be safe and protected on the pCloud servers.

Uploading your files from your PC or mobile device to your pCloud account takes less time than you expect, regardless of the file size. If you download the pCloud application for desktop or mobile, it provides you with a virtual drive, where you can store and automatically sync your files with your online account. Synchronization goes really fast and easy, both ways – from your device to your online space and vice versa.

With this online storage service, space is no longer an issue. You can store as many files as you wish, and keep in one protected space your countless pictures, videos and audios. With the initial free space amounting up to 20 GB, you have more than enough space for personal needs. If, however, this is not enough for you, you can always upgrade to a paid version, using one of the billing plans pCloud offers:

online cloud storage

Actually, upon registration you get 10 GB of free storage space, but pCloud gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 10 GB bonus free storage by performing some of the following actions: invite friends (+ 1 GB per registration); start using the service (up to 3 GB); subscribe to newsletter (+500 MB); share a link on Facebook (+ 500 MB); backup Instagram or Picassa pictures (+500 MB).

When you sign up for a pCloud account, your online workspace looks approximately as follows:

As you see, it is really intuitive and neat, and you can easily navigate through the menus. No special skills required. When you hover the mouse to the right of one of your files or folders, a gear-wheel appears, providing you with other available options.

With pCloud you can easily share your files and folders with your family, friends and colleagues. Simply right-click on the gear-wheel next to your file or folder on the online platform. If you choose to share a file, you can generate a link, which you can submit to anyone and provide them with access to your files for download or upload purposes. If you decide to share a folder, you can provide access to it using the sharing system of pCloud, which sends an automatic email to your friend and provides them with a link to your folder. Upon sharing you can set access rights to your recipients – whether they can view, modify, delete, etc. your files and folders. 

As a third option, you can share a link to a folder so other users can upload files to your account. Using the upload link you can easily receive any types of files online. With pCloud uploading large files is no longer an issue. You can store files as large as your storage space allows. This may include even HD videos and music albums.

A really cool service that pCloud provides is the feature for backing up your digital data from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa. Using this you can backup all the pictures that you have shared on Facebook, for example. So, even if you lose your Facebook account for some reason, you will still have your valuable pictures in your possession.

Since you can access your pCloud account anywhere, on any device, you can easily play your files directly from the pCloud online storage platform. You can play video and audio files in real time. 

Shortly, pCloud is a great fast developing service, which gives you more than enough free space, amazing upload and download speeds, very nice sharing and collaboration options, and works equally well on all mobile and desktop platforms. So, enjoy!

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