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Lets talk business with vBoxxCloud!

Is this cloud the dream of every manager? See how much you can monitor with vBoxxCloud!

vBoxxCloud is a premium European cloud storage service that seems to target the business community, as it sports a sophisticated look and statistical features. The provider offers a 14-day trial lite version for those, who want to try it out. It comes with 250MB of free space to work with and although limited, most of the cloud's basic options.

Dashboard and design

You've already heard that from me but once again, vBoxxCloud has a business friendly design. You'll be in awe of the extend, to which you can see what is or was going on in your profile. Your cloud dashboard primarily gives you an overview on the amount of space you've taken up, how many users are active in your account and recent activity along with some secondary statistics like top storage users, bandwith and more. 


This service allows you to share both files and folders. Just right-click and select “Share”.

1)Public and private shares: Public shares provide you with a download link you have to distribute either personally or with a dedicated email. Provided you need the link temporarily, you can always set an expiration date, after which it will be invalid. Private shares on the other hand spring a certain dose of security to your files. After the process is complete they can be accessed from users by loging into their vBoxxCloud profiles or with a guest account* for non-users. Again, you can choose when the share can expire along with how many times files can be downloaded. Additional features can be assigned to your recipient as the ability to delete and upload files if a folder is shared.

2)Team shares: This feature allows you to share files and folders with certain people of your organization of your choice. What is awesome here is the fact that you can restrict the variety of platforms your recipients can use to access the shared information. These team shares can also become available for subscription to people outside your organization. However, they must be existing vBoxxCloud users.

Guest accounts*

vBoxxCloud makes it possible to invite other people to your personal space in the cloud. Guest accounts have limited use to only seeing your active shares, though, they can be promoted to regular ones at any time. To invite a guest, go to the “Guests” tab and click on “Create guest”.

How a guest account looks like


What in my opinion is one of vBoxxCloud's unique features is the option for reports to be created. Naturally, they cover nothing more than the overall activity in your account for a certain period of time, but it's really useful and convenient to have detailed statistics on such matters, especially if more than one people are using it.


It seems like vBoxxCloud values privacy as it has two dedicated pages on its official website. According to the company, it does not have access to the information you store and uses a three level security measures. 

I've had a fairly good amount of time to try out vBoxxCloud and it's still not enough to grasp its full potential. Here, I've outlined only the features I have found to be most useful for the majority of users and at first glance, they work seemingly smooth. I can't say their upload speed is the fastest I've experienced and they should lay down on some of their transition effects. In the big picture, though, vBoxxCloud might as well be a good option, if you like

One response to “Lets talk business with vBoxxCloud!

  1. Dear bloggers of The Cloud Reviews,

    Thanks for taking the time to review our product vBoxxCloud. We continue adding innovative and much-requested features for our business users, such as file locking, mapping network drives and support for AES encryption over the last months, to name a few.

    We’re happy to inform you that a global redesign of the user interface has started to give the solution a (even) more modern and intuitive feel. Also, current bandwidth for upload support speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s, which I hope any new trial users can confirm.

    Thanks again for your feedback and for your support of vBoxxCloud!
    Keep up the good work,

    Arthur Tindemans
    vBoxx Business Development

    PS: is it possible that the last phrase of your conclusion has been cut off?

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