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Mega - The Privacy Company

Who wants 50GB of free storage space? If you do, then maybe Mega is the place for you. It is a relatively new online cloud storage service which is still in the process of development. It lacks some of the features of the older and more commonly used file storage platforms, but it has been growing in a rather fast and promising way.
Upon opening the Mega website it automatically provides you with the opportunity to upload files, despite the fact that you are not registered yet.

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It offers a cloud-based file storage space for your documents and files, which can be accessed through any device connected to the internet. Technically, you can use the service through any web browser, although Mega recommends using Chrome. Some reviewers using other web browsers report a certain problem – freezing of the screen during upload or getting a message of estimated upload time of infinity, which sounds quite amusing. However, my personal experience does not support that theory. I have never had any trouble uploading or downloading files using the Mega.

The Mega site looks like a rally team website, with the sense of speed added to the Mega logo. This is also visible in the icons of the billing plans. Seems the Mega developers are into racing. Figuratively and literally speaking.

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Simple looking, it does not encumber you with information and options. This way even the least experienced cloud users can benefit from the online cloud storage system, without needing to read manuals and instructions. The basic options it provides are uploading Files and Folders from your computer; adding contacts – if you add a contact, it requests their email and sends them an invitation to join Mega. This way you can easily invite your friends and colleagues to the online platform and exchange files with them. The system provides an embedded inbox folder, where you can get messages from the other users that you collaborate and share files with. Also, you can control your file transfer settings. You can increase or decrease the number of simultaneous downloads or uploads. You can also specify an upload limit so the transfer does not burden your internet connection.

What is interesting about the platform is that it allows you to set skipping of identical files from uploading. This way it prevents you from uploading one and the same file over and over again. This is quite common if you have large galleries of pictures or large collections of music. By using this option you only upload one file at a time, which helps you use reasonably your online storage space.

Once registered to the Mega, you can start uploading files or folders, as well as simultaneously download data from the web platform. Unlike the more commonly used cloud storage services, such as Google Drive or BitCasa, Mega does not integrate with your file system. You can only access your stored data through a web browser.

Once you have uploaded a file, you can right-click on it and make use of the additional features the online file storage platform provides.

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If you decide to share a file or folder, Mega allows you to share your data with other users who are registered at the Mega website. If you plan to share your documents with people who are not registered, they will get an email, inviting them to the Mega service. Upon sharing, you can set authorization rights to the users – whether you will provide them with read only or full access to the files and folders you share. Since the files you upload to the platform become encrypted in the process of uploading, the users you provide with a link to your files will hardly be able to do anything it, without being provided with your password. An option to solve this issue is to include a decryption code that is shared along with the URL to the file. Using this, the other user can freely download and use the files they are provided access to.

As previously mentioned, the policy of Mega is not to store two identical copies of the same file on their servers. This is a nice feature because this way it decreases the content stored online and reduces the time needed for upload. However, Mega claims they have no access to your storage. In this case, how do they manage to avoid duplication if they are not aware of the contents of a particular file?

Unlike similar cloud services, Mega supports unlimited size of the files you upload. This way it ensures large file transfer at reasonable upload and download speeds.

Mega claims they do not store passwords on their servers. Actually, users report cases in which they lost their passwords and did not get any help for recovering them from the Mega support. If this happens to you, your files are gone for good and are no longer in your possession. Mega tend to wash their hands in their License Agreement where they state that they do not take any responsibility for your files and you are responsible to keep copies of them elsewhere, outside the Mega servers, for safety reasons, which makes the service quite pointless.

In terms of the plans offered, Mega has the following options for you:

online cloud back up

These prices make Mega the cheapest cloud storage service on the market.

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