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UCloud – that's the cloud for U ?!

This cloud service is developed by UCWeb Inc. and is designed especially for its web browser. To see how UCloud can be of use to you, read on the full review!

"Sharing with the speed of light" - ZeoSpace

Now and then, it's refreshing to see newcomers in the online storage business. Most of them bring innovative features, with the mindset to steal the spotlight from their fellow competitors. Ask yourselves,though, how many of these options will you actually put in use? Fresh from the cloud storage community, main topic of discussion today will be ZeoSpace! Exceptional or mediocre? Read on to see our full review!

hubiC - cloud storage for beginners

People are different, so it's a given they'll use cloud storage for different purposes as well. You have to store your files somewhere, but you're still not sure whether to give cloud storage providers a shot? If it's like that, I think that we may have found a formidable solution for you!

Tresorit - fresh design and limitations

Today, I want to bring your attention to yet another player in the cloud storage market – Tresorit. The service's main forte is the secure sharing and backup of your files. It offers 5GB of initial free storage and some cool features to go with it. Using it is also remarkably easy and if you're willing to read on, you will find out how!